Falling block game kitteh toy


One of the things I told my girlfriend that I would make when the glowforge arrived was “something for your cats.”

I finally followed through, and gee whiz it took a while to cut that many layers of cardboard. Because of the shape I chose, I realize I will have to make several more matching blocks. :roll_eyes:


Look at the happy kittehs! I’d say that was a winner! :grinning:


You have to make other shape blocks, not the same or you will never win.


Yes. Like this:

KATRIS Modular Cat Tree - 5 Blocks with Different Styles https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IZOERTI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_DZmlBbVJ03NND


Now that’s a different project! Pretty kitties, too!


nice shape :wink:
how many layers did you cut, and did you glue them together?


I lost track of the cardboard layer count, but it was many layers. The plywood exterior box is glued finger-joints, the cardboard is just packed in tightly.


Nice, have to try it for my cat since I promised him to make a scratching-board for him.


Hahaha - I’m sure “her” cats sees you as their hooman too now!


The action shots prove it’s a success! The wooden exterior is a nice touch, too.