Family Dice Towers

While playing board games with the family. I realized that we needed random dice towers. I found Jeff Bowman’simage design and then the no glue serrated design revision by Danimage so I figured I would try it. The one one the left was made with Baltic Birch (0.116) and needed some glue to keep it together. The one on the right was made with Proof Grade Basswood Ply (0.126) and when together with a little help from a plastic hammer and no glue. Thanks to both gentlemen.


They both turned out great! :grinning:

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I just made that in birch ply last night!
Same results… needs glue in a couple places.
I have never seen a dice tower in use… can anybody tell me why the bottom is removable on this?
Good work. Those are lovely.
Mine are unengraved… I wanted to see how well it went together before spending the engraving time. It is a very good file.

You can store spare dice in the bottom. Jeff Bowman has a video of the tower in use.


Like the engravings on these. Nice work!