Fan Assist update?

Good morning.
I don’t know if there has been a controller update, but this morning I was cutting out some manipulatives for the wife to send out to her students. I was cutting them out of 2mm EVA, so I placed two magnets (I thought out of the way) to help hold the sheet down.

Part way into the job, the unit stopped. I checked the computer and sure enough it showed there was a fan assist error. Now for the good part, as I was looking at the screen the countdown timer started running again and the Glowforge had restarted and finished out the print job.

Has there been an update, and if the system sees that the fan is back up to speed then it will continue the print job? If so, thanks to the software team.


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Can’t say if there was an update, but “out of the way” is a little counterintuitive, because the place that matters is significantly behind where it’s cutting. If you look at the head design, the air assist fan is much further to The rear than you might think.

So when setting things up, be wary of putting magnets behind where you’re cutting. If you already knew this and didn’t have magnets in the rear then I’m not sure what’s happening for you, sorry.

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Yes, I know all of this and because of it, use magnets sparingly. The magnets were near the rear, but I intentionally placed the geometry in the lower right hand corner to maximize the distance. The magnets were 5" away from the furthermost cut, so I thought I was in a safe zone.

Two possibilities, 1. the magnets were almost out of the way and the slow fan kicking off was just far enough to eventually get up to speed. 2. the team was able to do the reboot as well the way you thought.

In either case unshielded magnets are a nono. You can buy cup magnets that are strong on the bottom but do not have much field above or use bed pins,
I have even used a long bit of scrap with bed pins at each end to hold thin stuff. :grin:


I like to cut my thin EVA lightly spray tacked (Krylon Easy Tack) to a piece of plywood like with paper or fabric. It seems to reduce shrinkage from the laser beam and parts don’t flap around from the air assist. Bonus: eliminates flashback without masking. Just a thought.

I hadn’t ever thought about putting a tack spray down. I’ve still got several cans from my screen printing days. Thanks for the tip.

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