Fan broken

my fan made a weird noise and when I opened the machine there as a piece of it broken

Im in the uk and still in warranty but this is my full Time job and income can anyone suggest something ?

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Get an inline fan and bypass the broken exhaust fan. Since you are under warranty, Glowforge should replace your machine, but you can continue operating with an inline fan while waiting for the replacement.


thanks ive just been to get an inline fan, when you say replace will I have to sen doff to glowofrge my machine ?

Yes, I believe that Glowforge will ask for the broken machine to be sent back. This happens after the new machine has been received. I am in the US, so the process may be different in the UK. Obviously you must contact Glowforge as their staff does not monitor this forum.


its still;; making an awful noise with he external fan attached

Have you toggled the exhaust fan off? Click the three dots in the interface and toggle filter to the on position.


yeah Ive done that

With your inline fan running, the blades of the broken exhaust fan might still turn and cause the noise. Does the sound change when your machine is cutting/engraving as opposed to when it is idle and waiting to print?


sorry ive spent all day trying to fix the ! I ended up disabling the fan and the noise stopped and its working fine with the inline fan now ! thanks so much fro your advice


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