Fan doesn't work during cut/engraves


We have a glowforge in my woodworking classroom at South Portland High School in Maine.

It is not working.

It appears than when a job is started, the exhaust fan doesn’t spin up to full speed. The machine doesn’t have the normal operating sound. the fan is running but very low speed. The rest of the machine appears to be operating correctly. We get the same issue whether engraving or cutting.

I went through the cleaning steps on the support page for cleaning the fan. The fan spins up to normal speed/sound during the cleaning process. The rest of the machine has been cleaned. It has not been moved since it was setup a year ago.

A request was sent to glowforge support.
Any other suggestions?

Check the “Compact Filter attached” setting is not enabled.



Perfect. Fixed.
Don’t know how that got checked.



Classroom at High School answered that or me.


Thanks for the help @eflyguy! If the “Compact Filter attached” setting is incorrect, you may have problems with smoke and fumes. When anyone else uses your machine, ask them not to change this setting.

Since this was resolved, I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any more trouble, please start a new one or reach out at