Fan stays on low speed during print, revs up/down repeatedly on boot

(I’ve got the original non-Pro kickstarter version.)

Lately I’ve noticed that when I boot my Glowforge, the fan revs up and back down repeatedly, maybe 5-6 times, which it never used to do. I normally run it with the filter attached, and the filter has its own noisy fan which prevents me from hearing the sounds of the Glowforge itself. I ran without the filter today (for the first time in a long while) and noticed that the Glowforge’s own fan also stays on low speed during a print, as if it’s idle. It also never used to do that. That… doesn’t seem good. Has a firmware update made the unit smarter about fan speed, or has something broken?


There has been no firmware update that causes the fan speed to vary.


I suspected not. Sigh

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Is the fan dirty? When you’ve got the filter on, the fan turns off, but all the gunk still travels over it. I’m my GF, I have to clean the fan regularly because even when I ran it with an external fan, the exhaust fan seized from the gunk and was causing blockage and all kinds of terrible noises. On my basic, I just removed the exhaust fan, but I haven’t removed the fan on the pro, and it’s a pain to clean.


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll investigate in the morning. I’m curious: How does the Glowforge know to turn its own fan off when the filter is running? The two are only connected by an air hose. That’s the first I’ve heard of such a thing, although I’ll admit to having wondered early on whether it was ok for the internal fan to be essentially overdriven by the filter’s fan. I suppose it would make sense for the fan driver to have some overload/cutoff mechanism.

I normally use my 'forge for cutting acrylic, but today I was cutting and engraving wood for the first time in ages, and I didn’t want to gum up the filter with all that smoke. In the end, I reconnected the filter anyway because I didn’t like the idea of running the thing with essentially no exhaust fan.

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When you attach the filter, or an external fan, you can go into the interface where you’re project is, hit the three dot button, and click on the air filter attached option. That turns off the exhaust fan in the back of the machine.

I was cutting insane amounts of mdf, so my fan would be really sticky and nasty.


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