Fan stuck on

My fan is not shutting off. I’ve restarted my machine several times and it’s not turning off. It’s still letting me work though?

Depending on which fan - when it’s off check the connections, see if one has gotten knocked off-kilter, or gotten dust into it.

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My name is Mercedes and I’m part of the Technical team here at Glowforge.

In order to accurately determine what’s going on with your printer would it be possible to upload a video of what it sounds like when you first turn the printer on so we could review it? ( you could also send us an email ticket and we can review it )

I’m not seeing any errors when extracting your logs either so I can’t pinpoint what the issue is as of right now without a little more information.

Do you know if it’s the rear fan or if its the air assist fan ( located on the carriage plate)

Let me know if you can send that video over and we should be able to assist you with next steps.

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