Fan vibration

My GF just started making a new sound, it makes a loud vibration sound as the fan powers up and when it powers down. When it reaches speed, the vibration seems to go away although it is louder than usual.

Can anyone suggest what I should check/tighten to solve the rumbling vibration?

Thanks! Help appreciated. ~N

When was the last time you cleaned the fans?


Mine developed that when the exhaust fan got gunked up. (They run out of balance and it is extremely loud, but otherwise shouldn’t affect performance.).

This is what I did to clean it. Standard disclaimer applies. :smile:


Haven’t yet.

Thank you @jules I’ll give it a try. ~N

I’m sorry for the trouble! Thanks for letting us know about this. I have a method you can use to clean your fan, but it requires a bit of coordination. I’ll follow up shortly via email with more details.