Farmhouse Door Frames

Changing gears for a minute, I wanted to do some farmhouse style fairy doors that would serve as photo frames for the Grams. The white one was my first attempt, the opening is 2x3 and designed to just slap a wallet-sized photo in it. Problem is that once it’s stuck in either with glue or double stick tape, it’s not very changeable.

So, my second attempt (the oak-framed one) has a square U shaped (just thin sides and bottom) layer of heavy black cardstock between the layers, and allows the photo to be slid down from the top in between the layers. But it is about a 1/4" smaller due to making the door opening smaller so the photo goes in behind it and stays in. That one is my favorite, not only because of the function, but because I HAD one of those milk cans sitting by the front door growing up!

Thanks for taking a look, and until next creation, Happy Forging!


Very nice frames for grandparents and others as well.


The working latch is fab! I could see folks doing this on the fairy doors they leave around the neighborhood - switching out the image to see who notices :stuck_out_tongue:


OMG!!! This is just absolutely adorable!!! Love it love it love it!!

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Your designs are so creative! I love these!

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You know, you really ought to have an online store for designs (or become a catalog designer). Your stuff is just so dang well done.


I agree with @cynd11, you need to start submitting your designs to the catalog. These doors are great!

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I have pondered it, but never really looked in to it too much. The projects themselves generally take too long to make and sell the actual product to have it be worth it, plus I’m paranoid about getting hit with a cease and desist for copyright or anything. BUT if I can figure out more generic practical cuts like these ones…then maybe :slight_smile:


Wow. Okay. I’m loving your fairy door designs.