Fast Delivery of GF!


i got my email last Friday (July 28) and now I got the notice it’s coming tomorrow (Aug 2)! I was expecting a 6-week wait… woah!!


Wow, that’s fantastic! Maybe there is a stack of GF’s that were waiting for new packaging.


It looks like they’re starting to get a handle on actually getting these out the door! :smiley:


Congratulations. But I think you are going to be disappointed. I think Moduslink is the place they are shipping Proofgrade from. The same thing happened to me.


Excellent. :sunglasses:
Now, prepare for the adventure!


Gotcha… I thought that might be the case. How much time passed between your Proofgrade delivery and your GF?

Oh, well!


That was my first thought also.




Yay!! Even if it is Proofgrade, GF won’t be too far behind! :tada::tada:


Nice! You’ve waited long enough! Good for you!