Fast way to clean off cutouts

Here’s a super fast way to clean off laser cutouts/leftovers from the glowforge crumb tray. Short answer is mini shop vac, if you feel like taking time to watch the example video I put together here’s that too:

Thanks for your time, I hope it helps someone out.


Be careful not to touch any electronics.

Vacuum hoses can quickly generate damaging levels of static electricity, that can fry sensitive electronics components.


I have set my vacuum up so I can use it while the work is still in the crumb tray. If the piece has not cut through I do not have to disturb anything to find out, If it has gone through the piece will pop out, again without disturbing anything. Then I often flip it over and engrave the other side also, exactly in the same place. I use an old C-Pap hose to both extend the length, and provide a soft rubber interface.


I’ll keep that in mind. I always do keep it away from the components

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Very cool

That’s my solution too. Also outlet powered vs the rechargeable type. I have it mounted on the side of the Husky cabinet that the GF us in. Easy to grab the hose, swoop it up and pop the hose back on the side.


And large vacuum hoses will knock you onto your butt.
If you have ever been around one of the grain elevators or sand storage sheds that had industrial vacuums, you will fast learn to check the ground on the metal hose cap before turning it on.

Good idea to use some caution with the smaller one’s around the GF electronics. Thanks for the reminder.

I suppose that would make C-Pap hoses ideal, Imagines your c-pap hose zapping you n your sleep :grimacing: So being lots of rubber I don’t think there is much chance of electrical issues.

I do not believe they have metal ends and support rings spiraling inside like the industrial grade hoses, maybe for exactly this reason.
I would have thought the issue would be aggregated by using a non-conductive hose, which the industrial ones became when damaged, but Dunno…

If I remember the complaints correctly, handling of the hoses was not an issue, unless the worker contacted a chunk of the metal infrastructure while waving it around when it lacked a proper ground.
So stay off the metal cots? Regardless, I am sure static was considered in designing a face hugging machine.

Cleaning the interior of the crumb tray is not even near the danger list though, so we can have happy feet on the issue.

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As the person needing one needs to change it for new frequently they can be ablative, but I have not found that there has been much damage except when vacuuming the belt sander.