Faster autofocus and a Proofgrade™ recognition fix: 8/27/18 Latest Improvements


Are UV QR / Barcodes still on the horizon?

Did you implement this about two days ago? That’s when my calibration hell started happening. I’ve had 8 months of no problems until recently. We’ve done everything to try to fix it.

I have different height stuff in there from time to time and even outright lie about what it is if I want an unfocused operation to perform.

May have to rethink my work strategy if the machine fights me on actual heights.


I would think (hope) it would respect the value entered in the manual setting.


Thanks for the heads-up Rita.
I have recently noticed how much snappier scanning and processing have gotten.
Thanks Team! :+1:

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Up until now, if you don’t override the operation’s focal point setting it will use what it reads from its scanning. If you do override it, it will use your override value. No reason it shouldn’t keep that behavior.


A manually entered focus value will still override the automatic scan. The material height entry is for the lid camera image dewarping.


I wonder if this has anything to do with the reason why mine NO LONGER recognizes my proofgrade material, and why I can basically no longer even use the machine due to “motion planning errors” since yesterday as well.

The faster autofocus has been implemented for more than a week. I believe the recognition fix, for a few days.

Yes, in the hopper!