Faster estimated time but not real time

I’m doing a full-sheet engrave now, and while it said that it would take about 3 hours 45 minutes, it’s been about 4 ½ hours and it’s just under halfway through and says it has 2:21 remaining. It looks like it’s engraving the same speed it has for the same sort of design before. Could it be estimating at the new faster speed but not actually using it?

If it’s relevant, the design is 14 4x4 bitmaps, plus some cutting (which hasn’t started yet), doing 3D engraves in clear acrylic.

The time estimate should be exact since it’s based off of the actual motion plan that’s developed - rather than an estimate.

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Sounds very time consuming. One thing that will throw off the estimate is if it has to pause occasionally to cool down.

That’s my understanding as well, which is what makes the underestimation now so surprising. It’s now saying 1:54 remaining, and it’s on engrave 9 of 14. So we’ll see if it finishes by 4 pm. :slight_smile:

Did you watch it the whole time? Do you think it stopped to pause/cool down?

(I dont think that’s it though - that usually makes the counter keep going).

Might drop your time zone in and support can look at the logs

We’re seeing this too, and we’re looking into it.

I’m going to close this thread - Thanks for letting us know about this!