Father's Day sign(s)

It’s about that time again. I had made this first sign a while back with the goal of giving it to my Dad for his birthday. That didn’t end up happening, so, he’ll get it for Father’s Day instead! Made with PG maple and walnut ply. He’s a big Chevy guy and his garage is slowing getting more and more pictures and signs (two of which are made by me at this point) on the walls.

As for my Stepfather, he’s a big fishing guy. Actually makes his own lures and sells them too, which is pretty cool. His fishing building has a few signs and things, so I thought I would add to that as well. Took some inspiration from the bathroom sign I made recently for our bathroom and made this for him. All PG draftboard with thick back and medium frame around it. Drew up the design in Inkscape and started looking around at some “vintage” style fishing signs. I think this will fit in nicely in his building.


Well done. I am sure both guys will be happy you put your skills to work for them.


Done with a few days to spare!

I think both are great! Gifts are best with some thought behind them. Really nice job!

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Thank you!

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