Favorite Designs are missing

I just tried to access a design from my “Favorites” and all of the designs I had starred from 2019 till before Valentines day are missing.
Is there a way to get them back? I had so many saved, I don’t remember what they all were :frowning:

Do you subscribe to premium?

Where is the favorites you’re talking about?

Yes, I have the Premium subscription

When I click the Plus button to add a design to the UI, I have a Favorites bar with all of my favorite GF free designs

These are what I am talking about. The ones that are showing are recently added to my Favorites. Everything else I had favorited, is gone.


What happens when you click on “See more” to the right of Favorites?

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I did click see more, which is how I know every thing I had saved is gone :frowning:

They must have made a change that reset it.

You could try emailing support.


Already did, but I always ask here as well in case someone knows something more than I do :slight_smile:


I just checked and my favorites are still there. Can you try another browser just to see if it helps?


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