Favorite podcasts

I’m always on the lookout for new podcasts, so I thought I’d see what others are listening to. My favorites are pretty heavy on history:

  • The History of England - By far my favorite podcast of any type. Imagine being taught history by Douglas Adams (with John Cleese stepping in as substitute from time to time) and you’ll have a pretty good feel for this podcast. He’s serious about history, though. This is the way I wish I’d been taught in school. He also has a website at thehistoryofengland.com.

  • The History of Rome - Pretty self explanatory. Another really good podcast that ran from 2008 - 2013.

  • Revolutions - This one is by the same guy (Mike Duncan) who created the History of Rome podcast.

  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History - To be honest I’ve only listened to 10 or 15 episodes, but I’ve definitely enjoyed them. He tends to spend 4 or 5 episodes on a topic before jumping to something else.

What are you listening to these days?


You’ve got my list pretty much covered! I’ve also been listening to a backlog of Making It.

I’ve been heavy into listening to audible lately. Way better for my morning commute than the radio!


I’ve been listening exclusively to Audible for the last year or so and just got back into some of my podcasts. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

Which “Making It” podcast are you listening to? I see 3 different ones when I search for it.

The Ben Shapiro show - for the conservative minded

Critical Hits(a Major Spoilers podcast) - a live play using mostly the 4th D&D ruleset, but they do play other games.

Gnome Stew’s Gnomecast - role playing editorials.

Levar Burton reads - we all know reading rainbow, star trek, or the original Roots actor.

Nerdy design/science:

Radiolab. 99 percent invisible (maybe my favorite of all).

True crime:
Serial. In the dark. My favorite murder.


The allusionist.


The memory palace (nice cause they’re short). (Also a lot of 99% invisible) Containers (short limited run (8 eps ish) about the shipping industry. Waaay more interesting than you might think)

Fiction (all one short story per episode):

Starship sofa (sci fi). Podcastle (fantasy). Escape pod (sci fi).


Critical Role (though technically I watch this online, it can also be listened to via podcast)


Some time sensitive (TS) where you can go back a week or two while others you could listen to the whole catalogue (WC). Try a couple episodes of each.

Semi order-ish:

  • Radiolab (WC)
  • The Moth (WC)
  • This American Life (WC)
  • Serial (WC)
  • Song Exploder (WC)
  • 99% invisible (WC)
  • Revisionist History (WC)
  • Freakonomics Radio (WC)
  • Science vs (WC)
  • Planet Money (TS)
  • On the Media (TS)
  • Criminal (WC)
  • The Kitchen Sisters Present (WC)
  • Slate Presents Lexicon Valley (WC)
  • What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law (WC)
  • The Dollop (WC)
  • You Look Nice Today (WC)
  • The Allusionist (WC)
  • Home of the Brave (WC)
  • Love + Radio (WC)
  • Invisibliia (WC)
  • Twenty Thousand Hertz (WC)
  • Rumble Strip (WC)
  • HOME: Stories for L.A. (WC)
  • Roderick on the Line (WC)

I listen to a couple of homebrewing podcasts:

And one fiction podcast:

And occasionally, Radiolab. I have a huge backlog though, it is hard for me to find the time to listen to shows.

I see a trend here for 99 Percent Invisible and all of the podcasts they promote through Radiotopia ;p I’m still catching up, although I finally made it through 2016 :joy: Lasered challenge coins, anyone?

If you like Tabletop RPG’s may I introduce you to Tales of Nowhere? This fun and often silly group is taking a set of characters from several different games and rerolling them into a multiverse-saving adventure. The audio is crisp, the characters are original, and the multiverse spin on multiple tabletop games is unique. Definitely makes Wednesdays a day that I look forward to!

For politics and current world events I like Pod Saves America (by Crooked World Media) and Intelligence Matters with Michael Morell. Morell was a former acting Director of CIA and a bunch of other intelligence community jobs throughout his career. Pod Saves America is hosted by former Obama staffers.

Both podcasts get great high up officials and ex-officials to come on their shows. Super interesting stuff in my opinion. Gives kinda an insiders take on government. PSA obviously leans pretty progressive but they have had some conservative guests and I think they’re always fair.

This is an old topic, but some that I like are:
Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend
Making it with Bob Clagett, Jimmy Diresta and David Picuotto
Revisionist History
We Built A Thing (this is my podcast about making things with a couple of other makers http://webuiltathing.libsyn.com/
Make or Break Show
Stop Podcasting Yourself
The Side Hustle Show