Feature Idea - Upload from app

I wonder how hard it would be to set the app up to “upload” a design from there using the “comp” designs???

That would be a great feature…

I know most people who buy lasers etc are very savvy when it comes to illustrators, terminology and all that crap. Then there’s me. I wanted one…I knew I would not have the skills but I decided to get it and do what I could with it…and here I am now suggesting that you dumb it down.

Just got that while I was typing…every mind works different and some of us have brain damage. lol


I’m confused as to what you’re suggesting. Can you explain it a little more in depth? What are you trying to do?

I think she wants an upload option directly in Illustrator, versus having to save as SVG and then upload to the web UI. Not going to happen, either from :glowforge: or Adobe in the short term.

Lets say I am using the blooming love heart plaque and I resize it and add a quote to it. I have to add the quote via .png etc file. I will want to print it on demand …

I can’t save that whole file because I cannot save the love heart plaque along with my .png.

The love heart plaque stays in your cloud and I can’t copy and paste it…I could probably screen shot it…but I don’t want to do that…

I want that whole design available on my mac or in your cloud so that I don’t have to recreate it again.

Does that make sense?


Do purchased designs not save edits you make? Are you buying them for one-time use or multiple copies?

I’ll test it in a minute when I finish the current job. I have a lifetime license file.

I have some that are lifetime and then there are some “generic” ones that available maybe for newbies etc. When you go to the app.glowforge.com and click on the glowforge icon in the top left corner…it takes you to the key tags, heart, coasters etc…

The designs that you buy are not usually designs you need or want to add anything to.

If there was a way to save it and still have the “blank” in case you want to use it in another way.

Technicalities. lol

All you have to do is ignore the additions. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just tested this on one of the freebies…added some seahorses to the Hex Coaster template, closed it by going back to the Dashboard, then re-opened it. They were still there thanks to the Auto-Save.

So then I added a seahorse to the heart plaque file…I bought a single use of it and haven’t cut it yet…placed the seahorse and closed it, then reopened. It’s still there.

What we can’t do is download the file to our desktops and make changes to them in our outside design software. They own the originals and we are buying a license to use the file, not actually buying the file. (Aside from resizing, or personalizing them by adding to them in the interface, we’re not supposed to modify them.).


So you can save a design if you bought a licence for unlimited use - but you can’t modify it?

Of course - you would not need to save it if you are not modifying it…I guess.

Thanks for checking it out for me!!!

It’s going to save any modifications until you fulfill the terms of the license. So single use, you can modify it and then save without cutting it, and the additions should still be there when you get ready to cut it. For a multi-use purchase, it just stays in there. :slightly_smiling_face:


It is saved to your GF app’s ‘dashboard’ but cannot be downloaded in any editable format (ai, svg, etc.) to your local machine. This is by intent – if a user could download and save a design from the GF Catalog, there would be no way of preventing them from distributing them in violation of the terms of use. In other words, it protects their IP from theft.


I just want to say that this is not true. Many people are starting from square one. And, since I’ve seen you comment about it on more than one occasion, you are totally capable of doing this. Just take your time, learn as you go (don’t take shortcuts and have other people do it for you - ask them to walk you through it if you need it), and be patient with yourself. Sometimes the people who look like they know what they are doing are just people who had no clue but believed they could do it and didn’t stop trying until they figured it out.

Well, what @Jules did meant didn’t delete it from GFUI if you just closed & reopened (which it’s supposed to show the last file you worked on)–but it’s not “saved” like if you changed to a different file and then tried to reopen it…

I totally agree with you on this “want”! Buuuuutttt, if we could save a file we bought from the catalog in our own computer, then there’s no such thing as “single use” (unless they set that up to where you can’t save it, but “forever” you could save).

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I get that now and it make total sense.

I’m on the learning curve with creating more complicated SVG files for my leather projects & ones I know I can cut the leather with on the GF (most I still hand cut)–I have CorelDrawStudent, but since it doesn’t let me embed imported jpeg images into them, i’m using Inkscape a lot more! And after trying the catalog version, usually want to modify it anyway–especially for leather items for my business, since I machine sew, not hand sew, so I don’t need holes for stitching (which are combined in the Compass Rose cover file vs the wallet where they were separate layers), and I want to have my own design element.

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I had never used Inkscape before buying the Glowforge but worked on it a lot as a way to relieve anxiety before it arrived. Still for many cases I find it easier to make my own similar design rather than get the design from the GFUI or other case even if it were possible or easier. For things like the Compass Rose I have used the design on tiles and might use it as a reference when doing my own, but my design would be very different,


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