Feature request: App version and/or release date

Please add a string somewhere (anywhere!) to the App that displays the current App version and/or its release date. Even better would be a pop-up or dialog that mentions that settings may have changed since the last time you used your Glowforge.

It is really frustrating to repeat a previously-tuned job only to find incomplete cuts or changed kerf due to power/speed changes on the back end. I expected/accepted this with my PRU, but now that folks are receiving production units, this seems like critical functionality.



Yes! This is very much needed.

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Do you notice anything different between the PRU and this one?


Yes – Seems like the production unit (PU?:innocent:) runs a bit “lighter” than my PRU did. I’ve had a few cases when default PG settings did not make it all the way through (totally flat, not warped in any way) PG ply.

Also went through a short period when there were only one engrave and score setting (each) for PG acrylic, now back to two each.


Mine doesn’t always either, and it’s still the PRU. Generally it does, but I imagine (guess) they’ve got some average default values that work under normal (average) humidity conditions and I fall outside of the range where I live. I just adjust them a hair and since I do it automatically it rarely causes a problem or wasted material.

These settings do seem a bit lighter than they used to a few months ago.


Support one (maybe a month ago) had me print the founder’s ruler as a test, the engraving was very light compared to my original. Never had a cut fail on maple ply though.

My engraves are all coming out lighter than previously, but Im attributing that to my unit not shutting off when overheating, which is quickly killing the tube life/output. If yours doesnt shut off in the heat, its probably the same issue.

Mine are on the cuts - (I haven’t done near the number of engraves that you have)…I think the default setttings might just be a little too speedy for this area.

Thank you for the suggestions! We’ve passed them on to the team.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us when you feel the settings are not acting as you expect. Do you remember any of the specific times/dates that you had prints like this? If not, please do reach out going forward so that we can check into what’s happening. Thanks!