Feature Request: Audible noise on GFUI

“Boop” Calibrating is done.
“Boop” Design prepared / ready to print
"Boop" Error

I have the attention span of a forgetful chicken. I’m worse then Ten Second Tom from 50 First Dates.

I understand preparing the design can take a while, rendering it in the GFUI, what not… And I have no problem going to play Bejeweled Blitz or read the forum, or play around some more in Photoshop… but really after 10 seconds, I’ve forgot that I’m even trying to upload/print something. A little bee-boop sound to remind me that something I’m waiting for has completed or error’d out would be super useful. Sitting and staring at it is as fun as watching paint dry.


Right? I’ve left the engage button flashing for 20 minutes before.


Great suggestion.
I’d only add repeated beeps when ready (like 1 beep every 20 seconds) – in case I walk out of the room for a moment.

Bonus points: Personalized ringtones!


Great suggestion for the feature hopper!


Yah I was thinking this should be an option. I often miss the delayed post print flash.

Also change the favicon.