Feature Request: Audit log

Before I got my device, I had mentally committed to being militant about logging all of my cuts in a little paper log book.

Flash-forward to modern day: I haven’t bothered to track a single one of my many little test cuts and finished products. Too excited to just see it “go”. Most of my materials aren’t actually Proofgrade-based cuts, so all the settings are lost to the sands of time (especially because the recent heat wave in the San Jose area has meant I’ve had to shutoff my forge many times to try and help it cool down enough to use again).

My specific request is different than the other asks to define custom material settings. I’d actually like to see a complete audit history of anything my laser has done. Presumably you guys are hanging on to this information, and if not, could start. I would LOVE to be able to go back through a thumbnail image gallery of “finished cuts”, click on it, and see what settings were used for that cut. Not only would that help me recreate things I’d done in the past but no longer have the exact settings saved for, but I could also calculate how many hours my laser’s been running to get a sense of how far into my tube’s life I may be (understanding that that metric varies heavily based on power, and other variables, of course).


@elrond thanks for your suggestions today! I’ve sent this one to our team as well; we really appreciate your ideas.