Feature request: better error messages

It would be nice if the GFUI would allow for more advanced self help… often times it give an error message or alert but it doesn’t explain what the user SHOULD DO… it would be nice if there were links or ( i ) bubbles we could click on that would take us to a FAQ or help page that further explains what the message means and how a user can correct it. This will allow versatility because the support pages can be easily updated to reflect new information and it will allow users to find targeted solutions to problems they are having and would hopefully allow people to not have to post questions in the forums that have already been asked… why reinvent the wheel when you can share your invention


Been asked many times but always worth re-iterating…

The button LEDs could be used to provide much more detailed info, like old computer error codes that used different beep patterns to indicate different problems.


I agree 100%.

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agree, would be nice to have and could potentially cut down on number of support tickets (not all of course, but could help in some situations).

Thanks for the suggestion! We don’t have a feature like this to announce yet, but it sounds like a great idea. I’ll make sure the team hears about it.

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