Feature request: capture/upload image of bed

When I was working on https://community.glowforge.com/t/celtic-knot-etched-onto-apples-leather-iphone-case/11185 I had to crop out some of my source image to get the effect I was aiming for (and to reduce job time). It would have been really helpful if I could capture a 1:1 image of the glowforge bed to help work on my image. If I could do this, my work flow would have been:

  • put phone case in the glowforge
  • capture bed image
  • place art over the phone case
  • crop/erase as necessary to get a tight fit.

That makes perfect sense. Crop out everything you don’t want to cut. As far as I’m aware you can only use a square/rectangle at the moment but others have requested different shapes in the past too. The ideal situation I think would be to have an elastic select tool of some kind - either freehand or point to point.


I know this is probably stupid, but can you work with a screen/window capture?

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Not a stupid question! It’s possible, but it’s a bit janky. And it wouldn’t be the same size or ratio even perhaps, so there’d be some room for error between taking the picture and sizing the image to work with.

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I love the design and will pass this suggestion along to our team!