Feature Request, check box to indicate not useing crumb tray

I find it a pain the butt to dead recon things to get the focus hight when i am not useing the crumb tray due to over thick material. i end up having to do some rounding and some cheat sheets and its a huge pain in the butt.

i would like a check box that is by default asuming people are useing the crumb tray so when you enter the heigh focus the tray is obv 0 and anything above that is well how it is now. but if the check box for no crumb tray is selected instead the base of the machine is 0. this would mean that we can measure our stack up of shims and materal from the base plate and enter that number and get a much better focus for optical alignment etc…
also would be a perk is once selected it could say opps not in focus range yet so that we would know to add more shims


So basically subtracting 1.4mumblemumble from whatever number you put in the box?

I would like this too, but I worry that I would keep forgetting to uncheck/recheck.

Hmm, how about a DWIM routine? The two focus ranges are disjoint. So if you put in a number bigger than the crumb tray height it could just offer you a dialog that says “This number only makes sense if the crumb tray is out. OK?” or some such. and then do the math internally.


that’s cool

so if I put in .3 it know tray in 1.3 it knows hey no tray and more shims and if I put in 2.25 then it knows what ever 1.7 - 2.25 = .5 focus or whatever it is (fake math) like I said pain in the butt and frankly not something I should have to do. we don’t have the option to set the focus manually with a focus gauge so… ya anyway its a ramble. but some accommodation for non proof grade would be awesome

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Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll make sure the team gets it.