Feature Request : Copy Protected Designs

I didn’t see any requests for this already, but if I missed please just let me know.

The designs that Glowforge has provided either free, paid for separately, or part of the monthly service, are all protected so that we can’t export or copy them.

However I request the ability to copy them and also change the image to the new design. I took one of your existing designs and have reused part of it mixed with my work. If I want to go back to your original work, I can reset it, but would lose all my work. I totally understand not being able to export, but don’t think copying it inside your platform would be against the rules as we are still locked into your platform. Additionally my edits no longer match the promotional image you had for it. It would be nice to have an option to toggle the promo image or the actual design (ie, the preview that other hand made designs are).


You can copy and paste the design inside of the file, make any modifications to the copy, and then drag the original off of the active artboard. It will not print there, but it is not deleted and you can zoom out to pick it up if you need it again.

No help on the thumbnail though…that’s going to stay original.


Yes there are workarounds. But it would still be nice to have multiple copies and it seemingly wouldn’t be that hard unless there was some major backend redo. Basically just looking for a solution like we have on normal designs we make. It’s definitely a feature request as there are work around but I would think something like this might be nice with some of the other popular requested features like folders on the UI

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I have no idea what your issue is and it has nothing to do with me nor this post. You need to work with Glowforge support if you need assistance. I have no idea what’s wrong with your unit nor can I assist you in any way. I will say you will get less sympathy acting poorly in community message boards. Please properly create your own thread and don’t spam other threads. If you have a dispute with the company you can look for help (like BBB or such).

I’m not making any judgement on your case or your apparent frustration, but again please be kind to others and honor basic common sense rules of not spamming other posts. It will not help your case and will probably result in being banned if they have rules against it.


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Thanks @stephen1 for the suggestions – I’ve shared both with my colleagues.