Feature Request: "design outside print area" warning

When printing layouts that contain multiple design/artwork elements, it would be handy for the GFUI to provide a warning dialog if anything is outside the print area.

If an element is outside the printable area, the GFUI will gray it out in the display. However this a bit subtle and can be easy to miss if you have a layout with multiple elements. And possibly impossible to see for the colorblind. But currently the GFUI will happily print a partial layout (minus the grayed elements) without any warning.

So as a safeguard, when a user tries to start a print of a multi-element layout while any elements are outside the print area, the GFUI could display a warning dialog indicating “design elements are outside print area”. The user could then choose to “continue” or “cancel”.

The dialog could also include a “don’t show again” check box for users who don’t care for the warning.


This would be a good idea except for the fact that people currently move artwork outside the print area to disable it without losing the settings. They would need to fix Ignore clearing the settings first.


Hence the “don’t show again” check box for folks who don’t care for the popup.


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll share them with the rest of the team.