Feature Request - GFUI - Color Coding actions

For cuts, scores and vector engraves, I think it would be nice if the thumbnail on the left-hand-side of the GFUI was the same color as the vector in the file. I would prefer to be able to create custom materials and color profiles, but short of that knowing if I am entering the settings for green or purple without having to open my original file in another window would be nice.


Is some of what you want addressed by Custom Inkscape, Illustrator, CorelDraw and Affinity Designer Color Palettes for ordering operations in GFUI and the palettes in there? (which I am going to install any month now…)

Chuckle! I know how that goes…(these do come in handy though).

My main excuse is that I’d have to install them on all the machines I use regularly. Which is currently up to 4…

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The reverse, this is what causes my problems. I’ve used color-coding from the beginning.

When you use a lot of colors, which for me is like more than two, you remember the speed and power, or speed, power & lpi, based on the color. I remember red is for cut and blue is for engraving half-way through and green is for engraving just a little bit through, etc… When you’re in the GFUI you can’t remember the order of the colors (I remember roughly, but roughly isn’t good enough) in that particular file. So if the thumbnail was blue I would confidently enter the settings for engraving half-way through. Oftentimes the machine I’m controlling the glowforge from is not the machine with the source files, so then I have to run back, open the file remember the order and go back to the glowforge room and then I think of something else and I’ve forgotten the color order. So repeat.

And yes, the thumbnail does give you the shape, but that only works if your color-coded shapes are very unique. And it also lights them up in the GFUI, but again, sometimes that isn’t enough. And it only lights them up if they are in the printable area and when doing multiple operations they are deliberately set outside the printable area or when using snapmarks, they aren’t in the printable area until they are snapped.

I mean they can make a thumbnail - why can’t they make a color thumbnail for anything not a raster image.


Thanks for posting this here @paulw. We haven’t announced anything like this yet but I’ll pass it to the team and link them here.

Thank you all!