Feature Request: LED notification when done cooling down

I don’t always have my laptop with me in the same room as the Glowforge. It would be handy to have the LED glow a different color/pattern to notify me when it is safe to open the lid instead of me going back to my laptop to make sure it’s done. Thanks.



You are in the same room as the Glowforge? I just go by the sound. I guess I’ve never paid much attention to the end screen from the GFUI but just wait until I hear everything stop whirring. Will have to look at it timings for stopping the exhaust and GFUI notification of ready to open.


I usually just wait till all the funny noise stop @marmak3261 but I am pretty sure the big glowy button stops glowing when the job is done.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll make sure the team gets it.