Feature request: "mask" operation

Hello GF team and friends! You know what I would find handy? The ability to import an SVG and use it as a “don’t laser this area” mask. Imagine that SVG as a solid shape, or maybe a picture frame. I’d want to stack it on top of other SVGs already imported, and have the laser exclude anything within the masked area. Today I’m having to screw with aluminum tape and mask over the outside 1/4" edge of a piece of PG, so that the oversized pattern I’m cutting into the PG sheet doesn’t cut all the way to the edge and make the pieces fall apart. You may suggest that I could fix that in illustrator/inkscape, which is partly true but could potentially make for way more work with a complex and detailed pattern. This is the 3rd time I’ve had to use aluminum foil, and it would be a lot easier if I could just make my mask shape in illustrator and then tell the GF to not cut anything under the mask. Thoughts?


I think that’s a fantastic idea! You should post this (don’t move it—won’t work) in Problems and Support, which is where Dan asked us to put suggestions.

Ok, done! Others please comment there: