Feature request: Publish Proofgrade settings for cut/score/engrave


Given that there are only four options for proofgrade (cut, score, and two engrave levels) it would be nice if I could reference the actual settings that are being used, so I’ll have a point of reference if I want to do something different (like a different shade of engraving, or multipass cutting.)


You can always pick it then change to manual settings and it’ll show you what it’s set to


Thanks, that’s good to know! I hadn’t made that connection. I think it would still be useful if there was a table somewhere though.


I agree! Would be nice


Except isn’t it subject to (mild) changes if software upgrades are pushed out?


Yes, they’d have to keep it up to date. They should be able to automatically generate a table on demand from their software, I would think.


There are 2 score levels too :slight_smile:


Thanks for the answer @takitus! And thanks for the suggestion @pdobrien - I’ll pass it on.

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