Feature Request: Purchased designs material usage

The designs in the store should show the amount of material required for each design, not just the finished size.

Example: The 6 pocket bi-fold wallet will take 2 sheets of 5x10 proofgrade thin leather.

Could even be a rough area instead of a finished design, … will take approx. 50 square inches of proofgrade thin leather


What if you decide to resize something purchased though?

It’d be a good starting point at least, and they list the completed size, which also changes if you re-scale it on your own.

It’d be nice to know if I have enough material on hand for an impulse purchase to print right away.


This would be great. Especially for the designs that aren’t just flat this-and-that. The simpler ones I can typically figure out the material need from the size.

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Not a bad idea, although they might list it in the instructions for the designs. (i haven’t checked - no access.) Someone with a production unit could check to see if it’s in there.

Can’t see the instructions without buying the designs. The catalog order page tell you what materials, but not how much. Some designs say “This design has X number of pages”, but it is not clear if you need, for example, two sheets of ply and one of acrylic, or two acrylic and one ply. The “what you’ll need” section should have the specific quantity of each material needed, but thats not there yet.


Ahhh! Gotcha. (It would be easier for them to just move that information out to the catalog if it was already there somewhere. Too bad.)

Great suggestion! Put in the hopper.

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