Feature request, repeating the same focus

Regarding the “set focus” menu option, I really wish there was also a “use previous focus” option.

When doing a large batch of the same thing, waiting for Glowforge to measure & set the focus again each time is really annoying and time-wasting.


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Glowforge staff do not monitor these forums. Use the ‘contact us here’ link on the support page to send them your request.


When cutting on a different chunk of material it is likely to be different enough to not be precisely the same placement on the screen even though it will cut on the same place. Because it is calibrating from a fisheye lens the tiniest difference in height will make a huge difference in where the design will be placed on the screen, If I am trying to place the design on the material very precisely I might use Set Focus two or more times.

If you are using a jig and don’t care to move the design, you can just assign a thickness (height) and hit go without set focus.

Yeah, I’m using a jig. Thanks for the reply; you have a good point about assigning the thickness, but strangely, even if you do that as well as setting the focus height (in the cut setting), Glowforge still make you wait around while it does a focus measurement before you’re allowed to press the Print button.

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Support commented on this years ago, stating something like it was built-in and not possible to remove which, as software guys, we know better. It was in regards to not having it run when you set material height manually.

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