[feature request] Save parts

Hi @dan @Tony

I’ve got a basic idea, so basic you may have implemented it already.

When you lay out your file to print and pick all the settings etc. I would like it if you could click a text field button and draw a text box onto 1 or more parts of the print job. eg. dolls house, draw ontop roof section a and another on door… Then you name them, when your print job is done it magically(this is the less easy part) saves each unique object as a separate or sub part in the GF GUI.

That way when you kid breaks a part, I loose a part before assembly of 10 print jobs or if a part just came out wrong, I can just go to GF gui and click old job and print dolls house > door and be ready to print instead of needing to bring up the old whole job and select the parts etc.

Keep up the good work, I just got my first referral so maybe my partner will finally give me some breathing space due to ordering “such an expensive thing”.


Adding text just before printing might be useful for other things, like personalising a design for different people.

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An on-the fly system to add ascending serial numbers, or art-print numbering (ie: Series A, 1 of 10) using a hershey-style font… that could be nice. There are definitely some commercial-type printers out there that include this feature (I’m thinking specifically of the Gerber Edge FX).
At a certain point, though, that stops being a “print procedure” and starts becoming a “design feature”, which is not really the function of the GF software as I understand it.

If I am translating Jack correctly… he means not to allow the text added to actually show up on the printed part. But rather for the “Print History” or whatever we have to treat individual print jobs (one time pressing the button) as folders, which contain as many sub-parts as we identify.

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If I’m reading Jack correctly, he wants “grouped objects”, identified by some name, within the interface. A text box object with variable substitution would be something else. Just being able to print an individually named objects of a larger design… but if we can get both types, that’d be great!

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Great idea. In the hopper!