Feature request: Trace Perimeter

I realize that some day, the camera alignment will be perfect, but before then and even after then for those who like to double check things, I would love to have a button that runs the visible red laser around the bounding box of the design. I’m not sure if it’s possible to ensure it focuses on the same spot as the cutting laser… hopefully so.

I’ve seen features like this on other machines. They just go zip-zip-zip-zip around a rectangle and you can quickly confirm you’re not engraving off the edge of your bottle opener. Hypothetically speaking.


genius idea. you could have a toggleable setting so that first button press runs a trace, second button starts your cut.


Good Idea


I’ll give that a few :+1: :+1: as well. Great idea. Maybe throw this on the support thread as a feature request/feedback.


Wow, I had assumed that the glowforge already had this feature. Seems like a pretty standard feature on lasers, and an important tool for lining up jobs when the camera/software combination is so shaky.


Thanks for the suggestion! Moving to Problems & Support (best place for suggestions to make sure they get seen).

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