Feature request: Use Clock

Since Glowforge recommends cleaning after 40 hours of use, can you please provide use-timers? Minimally one, but preferably at least two: 1 for total use, 1 user-resettable after cleaning. Think Engine odometer and Trip odometer. While you’re at it, a 3rd timer for “total use on this tube” would also be great. But I’d settle for the 1st two at this point!

Thanks! And have a glowing day!


You nailed it. I was just cleaning my machine and thinking how convenient it would be to know how many hours are actually on it instead of just guessing.

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It would be handy.

I thought about picking up a cheap timer and just keeping it next to the machine, but there are surprisingly few options for timers that count up in hours. You can get “kitchen timers” for as little as $3, but they only go up to one hour. Ones with hours are $10 or more.

There are apps for that!

I use Toggl for my freelance work. :slight_smile:

I know, but a cheap timer sitting right next to the button would be a lot more convenient.

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But then you have to remember to push the button when you push the other button. And stop when it finishes. I have enough trouble remembering to open the blast gate :slight_smile:

I’m not saying it’s the best solution, but certainly easier than having to open an app. and starting/stopping a timer there.

That said, a cheap timer doesn’t exist anyway. It would be handy if it could be tracked by the machine itself - I agree with this request.

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Me too! Seems like it would be pretty simple, I’m sure the runtime is in the logs somewhere.

It’s not.

That’s just… hard to believe, not that I don’t believe it. My second thought was, of course it’s not. But as an IT person by trade, I know how easy it is to log such things. Weird.

First requested on 29 September, 2015. Hopperized the next day.

Thanks for the suggestion! Use timers are a great idea. We appreciate the feedback and I’ll make sure the team gets it.