Feature request -Write what you can read

That little box that has all the settings that comes on the proofgrade materials is very nice, and having material of guaranteed qualities is extremely cool, but I just picked up about 100 lbs of oil tanned leather I had stored at a friend’s house and it was part of what was on my mind when deciding on the Glowforge.

Obviously there will be a fair amount of experimentation, but it would be very nice if when it finally is good to download one of those computer read squares that recorded all the settings so I could print copies to put on all the other projects using the same stuff. It could even have a disclaimer saying it is not pro materials but at least it would remember all the settings


The QR codes on PG materials don’t contain the settings. They just identify the material and the cloud software looks it up in a database to get the settings.


Also just be aware, oil tanned leather isn’t always very laser friendly (and can be very hard to cut, depending on the exact tanning process.)


Just click on the Unknown Material link in the upper left. Search for leather and it will give you the PG leathers. Pick the size that matches (or is close) to what you have. Then you can convert engraves by color or cuts to manual engraves/cuts and see what settings they’re using. You can adjust from there.


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll pass it on.