Feature requests: Glowforge please listen!

Hey Glowforge, I have 2 feature requests and 1 suggestion:

  1. Please allow us to set anchor points for free rotating designs. The matrix for anchor points already exists, you can set an anchor point when resizing a design so it resizes in a specific direction. PLEASE let those anchor points also set which spot we can rotate the design around! It’s very frustrating only being able to rotate around the middle of a design.

  2. Let us “ungroup” inserted shapes such as boxes, rectangles and squares. Currently to make an open-ended rectangle I have to insert a square, resize, then manually drop one line at a time on three sides of the rectangle (using it as a template) and then delete the rectangle, leaving me with a 3 sided open-ended rectangle. How about just let me ungroup the rectangle itself and delete one side? Two steps instead of 4.

  3. PLEASE fix your proofgrade cut settings so they actually cut all the way through the material AND masking! Currently they don’t, instead they almost cut all the way through, resulting in having to really hammer on the item to get it out of the material sheet, or having to use an exacto knife around the entire image to get that final tiny bit of material cut through. For designs with a lot of steps that’s REALLY aggravating and time consuming and for things cut out of wood it can ruin the entire design as the small bit that remains uncut causes the wood to delaminate while you’re struggling to rip the design out of the material sheet.


Glowforge has not monitored the forum for a year now. Best suggestion is to contact support and talk with them. I have made many suggestions and they are very polite, but have not seen any changes.


Glowforge support does not monitor the forum, so you might consider emailing this to them for their consideration.

In my experience, Proofgrade materials cut very well with Proofgrade settings. Glowforge guarantees good results with proofgrade materials, so consider sending photos to Glowforge support of items not cutting well for a review of your machine logs to see if there is a problem that can be addressed remotely.


Will contact them, 100% of the time my proofgrade materials do not cut all the way through. It’s like 99.5% but that last half-percent is a constant headache

They usually can adjust your settings on their end to make it work with default proofgrade settings.


As the tube ages its output drops over time. Providing your machine used to cut through, I would guess that to be the issue. You can bump the power up from the default. If you don’t move anything you can also run a second pass, it will cut in exactly the same place.
I make sure the material doesn’t move, and use a piece of tape to see if the cut lifts out.

I don’t remember how, but there is a way to resize along one dimension instead of X and Y being locked, if I understand your request.


If you have any issues cutting proofgrade then you can print the GOGM and send it to glowforge and they will edit the setings to better fit the machine :slight_smile:


You actually already can do this!!! Glowforge app acts more of a reader to files and it you have files correctly set up for this then you can do it! Do you have an examples of times you were unable to? If so then post it and we can help go over what you need to do in the file to be able to use the feature from glowforge :slight_smile:

I’m not talking about designs created outside of the glowforge app and then imported into it.

I’m talking about the “Insert shape” feature within the glowforge app itself. If I use that feature to insert a square I 100% can not ungroup that item into separate lines.

What is “GOGM”?

My interest isn’t in resizing, it’s about rotating. Rotation of any object other than a simple line defaults to rotating around the center of the object. This makes it impossible to anchor one corner of an object (such as a square) and then rotate so that the selected corner remains stationary with the rest of the object rotating around it. Instead, no matter what you do the object always rotates around the center of itself. Has nothing to do with sizing, only rotation.

The Glowforge UI is not a design tool, it’s a basic placement tool for laying out artwork.

If you’re are the point where you know how to utilize different rotation pivot points, you should be using a real design app. Same applies if you want to create open shapes, etc.

As to not cutting thru, if your machine is within warranty but not cutting proofgrade cleanly, support may attempt to adjust the machine or replace, it. Beyond warranty, they may be able to make adjustments but otherwise you’ll be offered the chance to purchase a refurbished machine. The tube life was predicted to be 2 years.

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GOGM is the Glowforge file; Gift of Good Measure. They use that file to diagnose problems to determine if it’s the machine not working correctly or the file itself.


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