Feature: Reverse Colors

I’m not sure what to call this either, so please bare with me!

Glowforge seems to cut/engrave on the black area. What if you want it to cut/engrave the white? Will there an easy way to “reverse” the colors in the cloud or is this something that we will do the software we are using before uploading to the cloud?

For instance, in the main video an airplane is cut/engraved. What if I wanted the glowforge to laser on the white areas leave the black areas alone?

Colors just define specific areas. You define what to do with each specific color. So if you have a black background and white lines, you define white as “thing to cut” (And tell it how to cut, speed/power)

Lots of laser cutting services have their own specific “This color means X!” rules, but that is just because they get files from hundreds of random people, and don’t have time to track down every individual (and possibly long-winded) project description to decode what to cut and what to engrave.

Indeed true. @kim1032, you’ll definitely be able to invert colors eventually.

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Again, thank you for the reply. Do you have any ideas about when this functionality will be included? Early next year? 2017?

No, I’m never going to give dates for features in the future, no matter how nicely anyone asks me. :smile:

Completely appreciate and respect your reticence!