Feature Suggestion: Feedback on WiFi status during initialization

Like many, I spent a good deal of time yesterday trying to figure out why my usually reliable GF simply would not come fully awake. Knowing that the usual – and often correct – advice in such situations is “check your WiFi”, I did a lot of network checking, but, of course, found nothing.

During that whole episode, I kept wishing for a bit more to go on. “Offline”, “Focusing” and “Centering” in a browser running in a computer attached to Wifi attached to the internet attached to a “cloud” server attached to the internet attached to WiFi attached to my GF is, well, pretty meager and awfully indirect.

To help in situations like that, it would be really nice if the GF itself were able to provide some indication of how thing look from its end. So here’s my feature suggestion: As it initializes, the GF itself indicates that it has successfully connected to WiFi and then to the cloud servers. This could be done, for example, by turning the button light green when WiFi properly connects and then back off once server connection is established.

If, as I suspect (but was unable to locate using search), something like this has already been suggested, let this count as an additional vote.


Yup, been requested but always need more feedback to push features like this through.

My suggestion was to have different flashing sequences to indicate specific errors during the process. Old computers used to do this (using beeps) to indicate hardware problems on startup.


Yes, GFs could only provide feedback when they encounter an error, as you suggest. Personally, I much prefer unobtrusive feedback about progress through user-relevant stages during initialization.

In normal circumstances it provides users with reassurance that all’s well. And when something goes wrong, it gives them a definite sense of how far things got, which is a big help in figuring out what to do (and what not to bother with). Error-only feedback is, in my view, somewhat less helpful. For example, sometimes no error is issued, but, from the user’s point of view, things still aren’t working. Did initialization fail so hard it couldn’t get the error out? Is the cloud server is just really, really slow at the moment? Is it just me?

That said, I agree. Reporting errors is much preferable to not working for no apparent reason.

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Those are great ideas for features - thanks for the suggestions! We haven’t announced anything like that yet, but I’m going to send it to our product team with a note that it came from a customer request.