Feature Suggestion: Report Issue Within UI

So I was thinking the other day that it would be helpful if, at the end of each print, there was an optional comment submission box for users to send notes to the GF team if the print didnt go well. This, along with the settings and material would be sent to GF for them to review. I’d imagine this would cut down on the number of repetitive topics here on the fourms from people having issues.
Just a thought! Carrry on with your day.


I suggested the same idea to Dan a couple of weeks ago. It would definitely help identify systemic issues faster and would hopefully speed up the resolution of individual support cases.

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This is a great idea. Then it could bundle up the photo’s, screen shot, files, etc., into a ‘bug report’. There are many web app bug reporting tools that could do this - and not just for “after printing” but for reporting any issue anywhere in the GFUI, catalog, etc. The more input GF captures from the community, the more they can improve the app.

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Just wondering how it would improve things. Yes there is more feedback, but for a Support staff that is already clearly overloaded I’m thinking it will just make it worse. Folks will respond with every little question and some will just comment back “this worked great”. I’m betting the number of comments and questions would triple over night.

If it worked as you hope the comments and questions would be lost to everyone else on the forum with no public solutions, so might cut down on the repetitive comments to us but greatly increase Support’s repetitive comments.


The biggest thing I see this helping with is simply work flow for the GF staff. Being able to instantly see the settings, screenshot, material, designs etc would keep them from having to ask the user what those were. Plus I’m sure there are things under the hood that would help them as well.

It would probably create more error submissions for them, but it would just be much quicker to deal with. :slight_smile:

In my experience, having shipped software to 140m users, higher quality bug reports (i.e. capturing everything relevant into one clean report) is vastly higher value than having customer support rep’s work with customers to try to figure out what’s going on. Sure, you might get more bug reports, but they’re also much more manageable bug reports. If you have millions of users, you manage bug reporting statistically - you use bug reports to determine where to focus resources, so you fix the problems with the most bug reports, maximizing increase in customer satisfaction.

Compare it to iOS and Android crash reporting - it gives the app developers amazingly detailed crash reports, which allow them to efficiently improve app quality, but individuals don’t expect responses to every single bug report; they just want app quality to improve.