Feb 2017 Update


I think its because someone is playing a violin with a horribly repaired bridge.


well if you felt driven to push a 12-foot watermelon out of a lake you might not smile either :smiley:


Good work! :+1:


It’s March in 5 days, you ready to start shipping?


The Email sent out said he would start shipping in March and have all (pre Oct 25 2015) orders shipped by July.


This is our new plan. We will be manufacturing hundreds of units per month through February and scale up to thousands starting in April. Most customers will get their deliveries in May through August.

I don’t read any claim about shipping in March, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect an update on manufacturing. There should be a minimum of “hundreds” of units manufactured by now if things are still on schedule. If not, then the schedule has slipped at least one month. If I were a betting man, I would put my money on that July date moving out to October, but I’d love to be proven wrong.


Mmmmm… I don’t see that. I see ramping up to producing thousands of units in April and shipping beginning in May. But he’s since recanted May in favor of July.


Oh! You’re still betting on 2017? Hmmmm… I might take that bet! :wink:


Remember that we are getting $20 Credit per month they slip this year, so far $40, so with the $150 from last year, we are at $190, and the $50 Inventables. So the longer they slip, the more proofgrade material they will have to give us as well, which is far more than any interest they could possibly earn from the money I paid them for my Glowforge Pro for the month. It could start adding up to a lot if they slip farther, so they might have some financial incentive to get them out to us.


Here you go:

I understand that as if they are on schedule, by the end of february they should be producing at least 3-4 units each day.


Yes. That’s what I was saying.


Fingers crossed on a March update this week. I’d love to hear about how the international certifications are coming along and how the factory line move went. As always, the more that can be shared the better.


Given the pre-release units popping up, I’ve got a good feeling about this next update. I hope I’m not wrong!


Weird. I have the opposite feeling. They keep sending out pre-releases so that means nothing’s ready and they need a lot more people testing the units in order to properly identify and fix the issues. It can take a long time to collect the data from those pre-release and beta units. And then they need to plan, test, and act on that data. And then, I imagine, repeat the testing process with those folks to fully ensure the issues have been resolved. All of this needs to happen prior to production units shipping.


this is my fear as well


Yes, plus why would they send another pre-release if production units were imminent?



July and August. You gotta believe!

(Also, I do not agree with some of your assumptions.)


I guess by “good feeling”, I meant that I don’t feel like it will be bad news.

But then again, I’m kind of an eternal optimist.


Personally, I think prerelease units will continue to go out until the day they have a meeting and everyone with a C in their title says “let’s do this”. As far as I can tell the hardware is 100% and the software is very close to fulfilling all of the original promises for the basic.


We haven’t seen a finished version of 3D engraving and nothing of double sided cutting and variable focus engraving on a curved surface. I.e. the hard things that distinguish this from other laser cutters. and even kerf compensation, which is easy.

Is even the basic motion control finished? The last I heard it couldn’t do the full 11.5" promised and the corners of scores were over cut. These are things existing lasers can already do.

Why would they go to the expense of shipping pre-release models and then replacing them if they could send production units a few weeks later?