Feb 2017 Update


I like to think we’re of some use. :slight_smile:

It’s actually a hindrance to be too knowledgeable about a product when you ship it out. It’s natural to assume that everyone knows the difference between a Score and an Engrave for instance, when the fact is, those who have never lasered before wouldn’t realize they were different.

Or they might not realize that they need to be a little more clear about which way the tray goes in.

Don’t assume that all of the users of this thing have the same level of knowledge that you do, because they don’t. Glowforge has to get it ready for everyone before they ship it out.


If they’re ramping up pre-release units, my interpretation is that they’ve found the issues that you can find with a small number of testers, meaning that the hardware is likely In good shape, and the software basically works, so they’re ramping up the volume of testers to harden the software and the manufacturing process. Many software companies ship pre-release products straight through production. Since the GlowForge is heavily software driven, and it’s almost all on their servers, they can keep enhancing the software easily over time, so they can ship with a minimal viable product on the software side. Of course they can’t do that with hardware, so that’s what has to be solid before they ramp up shipments.

So far the GlowForge laser looks like it’s mechanically ready, and it’s the software that’s functional but maturing, so that’s not as bad as the reverse.

Though I would like to see the Pro filter. I don’t think we’ve seen that yet, and that’s a major capability for me; I want to use the laser in the family room, not the garage.


The Pro and filter hardware have yet to be demonstrated and some of the key Pro features are also MIA.


Yes but it takes some time to get useful feedback and act on it. This is why when they said they were going to send out pre-release units at the end of Nov we knew they were not going to ship at the start of Dec.


And that’s the thing… Nobody has said the hardware’s ready. Hell, we just found out last week that the shielding’s finally done. Who knows how much else is left.

I’ve been saying all along… If the hardware’s done, ship it. The rest is back-end work that can and will continue long after production units ship. And ship it with a little note that says “Hey… A few things still aren’t working. Those things are: … We’ll have those done quickly for you, but meanwhile we wanted you to be able to do 90% of the things you wanted to do with this. ENJOY!”


Also exactly correct.


We have no idea how many pre units they have produced or whether they are still building them. I would speculate they aren’t because of the line shutdown to prepare for greater production. Shipping out what the have makes sense to me, Dan has said pre-release customers have the option to keep the units if they wish. Just prudent use of assets.

Just my speculation formulated by my hopes!


Right, that is why I said basic.




Yes, they have the option of keeping it or taking a production unit.

edit - this ^ is wrong :grin:


I see your point, but so far (my opinion) it seems as the pre-releasers aren’t under NDA, we haven’t heard too much hardware issues. Not since the tube power issue, nothing critical (mostly @Dan talking about how software - independent of the current hardware- is being worked on/improved.). So while I’m ok with late summer if it has too be, I’m slightly more optimistic. :relaxed:


So that would mean they had FCC and UL approval but I haven’t seen any evidence of that yet.


I hear ya. But I don’t share that speculation. Based on how recently people are still receiving pre-release units, and that the most-recent units have some changes (shielding for one) I believe there are still pre-release units coming down the pike.

I don’t believe that’s true. As I understand it, all pre-release units remain the property of Glowforge indefinitely.


“Issue” is in the broadest sense here, though. Possibly not actual problems users are experiencing but things that aren’t finished yet. I keep pointing to the new shielding just now coming into existence, but that’s the most-recent thing. Oh, also the speaker.

And, look… I hope you’re right! I’d love to have my 'forge ASAP.


Like most things, communication is key, and that is something the GF team has not been great at.
With this team, things are always great till they are not.


Quite sure I read that response from @dan, no luck finding it yet…


The pre-releases go back to the mothership when their tour of duty is complete. Also remember there are differences between the ‘phase 1’ pre-releases (i.e. @rebecca. @takitus & I) then the two that just squeaked out a couple days ago. I’d prefer to get that (latest and greatest) after I turn mine back in.


Also, some of us have pro orders and these are basic.


Surely I’m not the only one who remembers reading that?


Heh-heh-heh! I’m not sure we’re allowed to keep these…but that would sure mess things up for everyone wouldn’t it?

(Cause I’d accept this one in a heartbeat, sticky door and all, and that would mean the first Production unit went out in February.)

I kinda like that idea. :smile:

(I know the early ones with the dodgy tubes need to be replaced, but there’s not a thing in the world wrong with this one, and I ordered a Basic anyway.)