Feb 2017 Update


I don’t see how you could know that. It might not pass one of its approvals or it might fail prematurely. Unless you have a spectrum analyser you are unlikely to know if it will pass FCC. I do have one actually but without an anechoic chamber and suitable antenna I would only be able to have a good guess.


That’s exactly what I was thinking. I mean, unless you’re a laser cutter builder, how would you know? I’m super glad everything’s currently working as you expect. But that, in itself, doesn’t mean nothing’s wrong.

Don’t name this one yet! Save the name for yours! :slight_smile:


I think what you remember is when dan said that we can choose to accept the pre-release unit when offered. Not choose to keep it.


I thought I remembered reading that ALL beta/pre-productions would remain the property of GF and must be returned eventually. Maybe it was in the beta application.


ROFL! Seriously guys! :smile:

Do you plan to disassemble your machines when you get them?
If not, how are you going to know that there is nothing wrong with them?

I’ve done product testing before, and generally the later stage pre-release units are more thoroughly tested for errors than production units, and more care is taken in their assembly.

But don’t worry about it, I actually doubt keeping it is an option. I was just messin’ with y’all a bit! :wink:


I must be mistaken :no_mouth:


I remember him saying that GF :glowforge: owned them and they would be swapped out once the production units were ready and shipping.


Just a guess, but I bet they haven’t come up with QA and/or QC guidelines yet. And you and your fellow pre-releasers are helping those efforts along. Once they have those in place for production units, I’ll be satisfied.


Understand being realistic but does constantly sharing a pessimistic view make a person feel better? Never quite understood the concept of misery loves company.


No, although we may decide to offer that option in the future.


Thank you.
Distressing when my memory tells me something that just isn’t so. :frowning:
‘The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has occurred.’


Oh, I believe they have had those in place all along, and they have modified them several times as things came up that didn’t work out the way they planned.

Why do you suppose these things have been delayed a couple of times? It wasn’t to torment us, it was because they were developing their standards and implementing them, and maybe revising them.

I imagine they’re using input from me on the software side of things. They used input from @karaelena and @takitus and other people who had used lasers before for the hardware tweaking.

So in a way, the fact that they are choosing some pre-releasers now less for their technical know-how, and more for design related know-how, is a very good sign. The software related stuff is generally the last thing to get squared away before the production units ship.

They’re letting us neophytes test them…they’ve got to be getting pretty close to feeling comfortable enough to release the hounds. :grin:

IMO, all the signs are pretty good for July/August shipout. (Squee if you like!) :relaxed:


I don’t believe I’ve heard anyone confirm or deny that pre-release testers are or are not under NDA. But I would think that Glowforge woud be crazy to not put them under NDA. You don’t want stuff slipping out about features that may not make it into the final release (even if they’re being tested for later release) because of revenue recognition issues. And you don’t want anybody taking it apart and posting photos of everything. So I’m sure there are at least some limits to what the testers can say/do.


Nope! We can say anything we want to about them. No NDA. :relaxed:


I remembered reading that as well. My brain must be playing tricks on me.


The only way I’ll be squeeing is if we get production deliveries starting April/May… :slight_smile: Don’t get me wrong I’ll be happy with July, but it’s been a long wait.


Not while it is working but if it goes wrong I will because I am not going to pay $1000 to ship it back and forth under warranty.


I knew y’all could answer questions, but it seems there may be details that Glowforge preferred weren’t divulged.
I was going to say ‘that’s what I remember’ … But it seems I don’t remember so well. I decided the best thing I could do was shut up.


Oh man, thanks for that! At least I wasn’t alone :+1:


I’d definitely like to be on that bandwagon. Really really really I would. It crushes me every day I come up with an idea and can’t execute it. But 6 months ago all signs pointed to December, somehow right up until November, at which point those signs were placed upside down in distress.

And, with that, I raise a glass to July/August. :slight_smile: