Feb 2017 Update


Not sure if they took those into account, but we have definitely provided feedback. Also Im a UX designer by trade, so there was no shortage of feedback on that front from me. I have quite a large list of changes Ive curated over the past months that are nice to haves, and some I think should be essentials. We will see what makes it into the final software!


SO glad to know that. A solid, natural, consistent UX is needed (always).
I’m no UI designer, but I know a bad one when I use it! :slight_smile:


No, there are no details that we are prohibited from speaking about. :relaxed:

(Someone has asked us to not divulge a surprise until it is ready. Since it’s their surprise, we’ll be complying voluntarily.)

There you go! I’ve got no experience in those, so you were definitely a tech pick. :relaxed:

Bottom line: Good sign they’re letting us normal people in, now that you techies have done the hard part! :wink:


You can say anything you want, but can you show anything you want? Screenshots of features that aren’t quite finished? Photos of the internals of the Glowforge? If so, I think that’s a great sign that Glowforge is confident in its product!


I’m trying to figure out if people are actually worrying about things as much as they say or trying to create pressure to make @dan put out an update sooner.

Is this going to happen every month?


Yep! :relaxed:



Does the glowforge exist? Yes. In the form of the Basic model. To date we (as in the pre-releasers- the two that I talk too daily) know nothing about the Pro model or the filter for that matter. So thats a big TBD. I am sure once that’s ready for primetime the world will know.

Does it work as advertised? Yes. But with a couple asterisks. These being mostly software. And that is changing often. Hardware wise, what we have is what we have (phase 1 pre-releasers). I gave a pretty indepth first impression post about that.

I’ve noticed couple things that have changed between the ‘phase 1’ batches and the ‘phase 2’ batches. Which is a good sign. Does they mean they are close to shipping? No clue. Only glowforge knows that answer. I am not going to even pretend to know the to answer that. Nor should anyone else really.

The fact that we are seeing posts from the Beta users ‘phase 0?’ about the catalog is interesting. As it for one proves that it exists and they feel that it’s ready for non-glowforge eyes. But only for the folks that signed the NDA. (for now?)

And as for the Proofgrade, In the beginning when it was announced. I had zero interest in it. None.
But after using it. I can see the benefits of it. 100% fire and forget. The fact that my wife can have an idea, sketch it out and have something a couple minutes without hearing the words ‘What power and feed rate should I use’ is nice. And on that note we are only seeing a small list of what they are going to have in the terms of materials.

Anyway the point is- Are we getting Glowforges? Yes. Is it going to be on time? No one at the community level knows. But it is worth the wait? Yes. That I can guarantee.


With every pending announcement comes the very likely and unfortunate idea that that announcement will be another delay. So, yeah, I’d say it’s safe for you to presume it will happen every month. :slight_smile:


There’s a new update in for review right now. Stay tuned!


refresh refresh REFRESH :flushed:


Tapped in, tuned in, turned on.


Very likely? I can’t follow the A to B to C and so on to get to thinking that. Sounds like we’ll know more soon enough, though. :grinning:


I never like to jump into a discussion like this because I have the objective, scientifically proven belief that whatever I say will jinx it! So I sit here tight-lipped and hope for the best!


Youre absolutely right. Unless you know how to test something to its extremes, and what its actual limits are, theres no way to know. There were a couple of things on mine that took me over a month to notice were wrong. Some were apparent way more quickly.


Sorry - I parsed that comment incorrectly.


So, you have your own private hopper!


Hahaha. You don’t know the half of it. Everything I use on a daily basis I have a hopper for. I live to make things better =)

That’s how I got into UX design. So much software with great potential but crappy interfaces. I’d hack em for my own personal use and offer to sell the design to the owning company. It got to be fun.


I’ve been kind of bi-polar on the GF for the past month or two but comments like this definitely put me toward the high side of that curve.

For my part, questions I ask are mostly intended to prompt for more transparency and to confirm that past promises are still believed to hold true.


In that case there is a good opportunity for UX improvement with Zortrax, the Polish company that makes the 3D printer I use, specifically their proprietary slicer.


That’s what you call throwing gas on the fire!