Feb 2017 Update


Two requests - please address Pro and filter status and could you please revisit that list of to-be-dones from the post of things that pre-release candidates could expect and let us know how much of that is now “done”?


I can concur with @karaelena. Its going to be worth it. Had they told me it was going to be this long when I originally purchased I wouldnt have ordered, but as soon as they came out I would have wished that I did. I use it almost every day. Sometimes I spend the whole day playing on it. Still. And it will continue.

I just got paid for my first laser job. It was enough to buy a REALLY nice planer. Not 10 minutes later did someone else randomly request some laser work done. I didnt even want to offer services until I got my release version, but its just happening. Thats not including all of my cosplay friends. Its insane and so much fun.


You’ve no idea how much weight those endorsements carry with me, and probably quite a few others as well. Thanks!


Man… I’ve been saving the last 4 months to get a planer. Realistically I could by now but I like to keep my monthly tool budget under the, " You spent how much!?" level. What are you going to get?


Oh I know, this was something I was not going to be buying for a long time. I did some work for a friend that works at a hardware store, and as a trade he got one for me. Its going to make my trips to the saw mill even more exciting. It gets here wednesday. Im beside myself.


Now you need a drum sander. Bwahahahahaha!!!


I vaguely remember that, too…but for the life of me…?


:innocent:We misread it, misinterpreted, a combination. It’s that problem with communication thing.


you shoosh your mouth!


Sigh, saving for one. End grain cutting boards are a b… To flatten without one. I’m in the school of “no end grain through the planer”. Also need a better dust collector.

I’ve been using a jig for the router to flatten my end grains.

@takitus which planer you get? I cheapest out and got an old delta 12" years ago(Kijiji 125$!!!). And it still works great. But I know I need something wider, possibly helical blades.


Ordered a Dewalt 735x. I’m hoping it’ll work well. I’ve seen a couple reviews saying the blades wear out quickly, but it comes with an extra set, so I’m ok with that.


I’ve got one of those. It is a nice tool. Works great. I ran quite a lot wood through it with out having to change the blade that often. Even if you do the blades are easy to change. Also, I found that with taking a very thin final pass makes for a very smooth surface. Let me know of you have any questions about it, I’ll help you any way I can. Enjoy!


There’s a very good chance I’ll take you up on that offer! Thanks!


My planer is my favorite tool (that does not come with a preinstalled laser). There’s something about placing a piece of ugly tried up tree corpse, watching it pass through a magical motorized treecorpsemover without touching it, and come out looking beautiful and strong and not at all like a tree corpse on the other side.


I absolutely can’t wait to do this. I knew I had to get one once I saw all the nice pieces I was passing up because they were rough hewn. Now I won’t have to. Many more sawmill trips imminent!


Have had a DW735 since 2009. Works like a champ. Used it on rough cut from the local saw mill and prepping boards for the CNC. Though I have to admit it’s only seen maybe 100 boards through it in that time. Mine didn’t come with an extra set of blades so I paid for an extra set. Haven’t used them yet.

Very loud, heavy, very messy. Outdoor use is best, or in a garage with a vacuum system. Unless you want shavings flying all over the room for 15 feet.


Rpegg is right, works like a champ, but a consequence of working well is that it can blow chips like nothing else. I’ve had mine hooked up to a dust collector and used it outside. Both worked, but it’s more fun to use it outside with no dust collector and just let the chips fly.


Great to hear!

I have a porch outside my office with a giant oak tree right in front of it. It’s bedded with mulch, so I just take my tablesaw and soon my planer on the porch and just let it shoot the shavings into the mulch! I’ve got very colorful mulch now from all the rare woods =)


Be careful which exotic woods you add to the mulch pile. There are certain woods that are NOT good for plants in our area.


Oh yeah? Didn’t know this. Like what?