Feb 2017 Update


Here’s some links that might be helpful.


And a general chart of toxicity of woods.


Also a quick google of “Can I use sawdust as Mulch” has a lot of cautions.


Ah yeah, it does take a bit of time to contribute positively to the soil ecosystem.

Luckily my sawdust creation has been incredibly low, since I cut maybe a 2x4 in half every few weeks. I’ll have to keep it in check with the planer.

Thanks for the heads up!


Just don’t pile the mulch up against the trunk - you can girdle the tree. (Makes me absolutely furious when i see mulch piled up on trees in the medians here.)


no problem. Pine should be fine, especially since it is indigenous to the US, but it just caught my eye when you mentioned using rare (exotic) woods.


Oh I never even have that much. It’s a light sprinkling at best. I do most of my cutting on a bandsaw hooked to my shop vac. It’s only when I need to cut a long board in half, like a 2x4, that I even bother to schlepp all that stuff outside lol.


Ahem…normal ? What IS the definition of normal ? Ahemm Ahemm


Me. :relaxed:


Next on my list.


Aaaaannd 24 hours later…:alien:


So cool. I had been thinking about one of these for a while. Wanted to get an upgrade to a helix cutter. I have an entry level Grizzly now and it works great. Just can’t get a piece thinner than 1/4". I knocked together a little sled for it, but it needs some more work to do it right and it isn’t exactly the best option.

That’s why I have been thinking about building a drum sander to get the final thickness. There are several designs out there. I have the motor and bearings. Just need a shaft and a couple days. So looking forward to what you come up with.


Reviews take longer than 24 hours. :confused:



Well, back to Inkscape. :zipper_mouth:



That’s how I feel too


Funniest thing I’ve heard in this Forum yet !!! Thanks for the good laugh !!!:grin::laughing:


I think it is a mix of both.
However Dan & GF have been very consistent in the quantity and quality of ‘press releases’ - complaining about the same things this month as last month is not going to suddenly shift his position i feel.



My office window looks out on to the National Park that borders our back yard.
I get to watch snakes, Goanna and the occasional Wallaby or Kangaroo come by to visit… it is pretty sweet.
I even have a Kookaburra nest just 10m away from the back of my house and i get to watch the Kookaburras happily munching on the aforementioned snakes.

One thing i can tell you about the many Eucalypts on our land is that they are viciously anti-competition, their leaves and even some of their roots exude a poison to kill off any other plants trying to grow nearby. In Australia you only use Eucalypt mulch as a weed suppressor, not to help plants grow!

Anyhoo… here is a Kookaburra who likes to stop outside my office window and say g’yday. Hopefully the little fella will cheer everyone up until the next Update Post by Dan


He’s very squeee! Chuckle! :smile:


He is showing off here after winning a fight with another Male. Then he and his lady love popped up on a tree and sang (aka laughed) for a good 10min to show who was boss.
I wont post that one as the footage is terrible, even though the song is sweet.