FedEx forged my signature for the Compact Filter (and not in a good way)

@Dan and team.

I was hoping to be leaving a Thank You for the delivery of my compact filter, and yes, it did arrive! I haven’t even unboxed it yet, but wanted to let you know that, in spite of being sent as “signature required” the package was dropped at my front door, the doorbell was rung, and the FedEx driver did not wait for a signature.

Even worse, s/he FORGED (pardon the pun) my signature. The tracking number shows as having been signed by me, even though I did NOT sign anything. I’m attmepting to file a complaint with FedEx management, but I wanted to be sure you were aware of this.

Please let me know if you would like any additional information.

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FedEx recently faked my signature for a shipment of wine that required an adult signature.

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I think it’s pretty common. When I received shipment of my pre-release Glowforge which came by Fedex, I asked the driver if I should sign for it and he said it wasn’t necessary, even though it had been sent Signature Required. I can only assume that Fedex is willing to accept the risk in the interest of speed. I would assume they’d be on the hook if anything went wrong.


Interesting. I had a replacement GF sent to my cousins yesterday. He called at 115 asking if I was nearby to sign. He offered to meet in town, but then reneged because it was direct signature vs indirect signature (direct signature requires to be signed for at the address). He offered to swing back by around 230 so we could meet up.

That’s the quality of service we usually get, both from FedEx and UPS, but I’m guessing this was a different driver from normal. Leaving it without a signature would be one thing, but signing name (especially when he didn’t give me 30 seconds to get to the door) didn’t make me happy.

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I just accepted delivery of my compact filter, from Fedex. Once again he said I didn’t need to sign. Shrug. Maybe as long as a human answers the door, it’s enough (though obviously that didn’t work in your case).

Well, mine is all ready to run, except that my account doesn’t have the option to flag the CF as connected… :frowning:

Hopefully support can flip a software switch that didn’t get thrown when it shipped… :wink:

Thank you for the feedback about FedEx. I’m so sorry to hear they didn’t handle your shipment properly. I’ve passed this information on to our team.

Finally, you should now see the option to enable the Compact Filter in the Glowforge app. I apologize for the delay in getting that sorted out.