Hi! I wasn’t sure where to post this. I was curious about where to leave feedback regarding the GlowForge App UI? I would like to request that a ‘center alignment’ be added to the UI. If this is not the correct place to put this, please advise the correct place.

Thank you.
Jen & Martin


Generally you can make a new post in problems and support, or email

There are alignment tools, but they don’t do quite what you’re asking, they’re more for precision placement of things. Your idea definitely has merit.

PS, welcome to the forum! Starting strong with a solid idea.


Would be a neat feature.

You can force the issue on your own designs, at least until they are shifted around in the UI.
Make your default design page a 12x20 sheet, and when done with all your design actions, select all and position at 6 and 10 on vertical and horizontal positioning.
Every time you load that design into the GF it will be in the exact same place (center of the workable area).

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