Feel like I got robbed

I bought my Glowforge in September. I was supposed to get it October 13th. Here it is the 19th, and customer service is nonexistent! They refuse to email me. And if they do they say “your machine will ship fast whenever it ships”. I lost so much money since ordering. Waisted money on a launch party, buying supplies and making space for this thing and doubt I’ll even receive it! I’m not sure what to do, I have been advised to contact my attorney. Can someone help me contact a real representative?

Wouldn’t listen to that advice…it’s extremely bad advice. You can just cancel your order at any time before it ships and you’ll get your money back without having to pay it all to a lawyer.

The Glowforges are manufactured and tested after you place your order, they don’t have a bunch of them sitting around waiting to go. (Unless you order the Plus through Amazon…they will sometimes pre-purchase a few machines for resale.)

And unfortunately, right now, there are a lot of supply issues resulting from the lockdowns all over the world, so there are more delays than usual. You will not get a notification until the factory has it ready, and it’s very hard to wait.

It’s been more than worth it for me, and I waited a little over two years for mine. You need to decide whether you can live with the delays and lack of information or not, but if you decide you can’t, just cancel the order.

The real representatives can’t give you any information until your unit has been built and is ready to ship…it ships directly to you from the factory. They will let you know as soon as it is ready.

(Oh BTW…you will want to sign up for UPS MyChoice and FedEx Delivery notifications if you haven’t done so already, because they will get the information before Glowforge does. So you will too.)


So I know it’s hard to wait, but I’m confused as to how you’ve lost so much money on a machine that’s only 6 days late. Of course you’ll receive it. Even the postal service is runnng that slow right now.

If you’ve changed your mind, Jules is right. Just cancel your order.


Welcome to the forum. It is disappointing that Glowforge missed a deadline, but stuff happens (even Amazon misses delivery targets) so I suggest you try to be patient. There are lots of disruptions in the supply chain these days, but you will get your Glowforge - or you can cancel and get your money back.


Hey ChristyM, hope you’re having a better day than me.

I didn’t know they had to build the machine. That’s new info.

I purchased the machine on Sept. 13th. I got the confirmation email saying I would get it on Oct. 13th. I emailed support on Sept 28th to make sure it was on track because I was throwing a launch party. I was told everything was on track and I would receive a tracking number soon. With that info I placed a deposit to hold my party space. Then October 2nd I received an email saying shipping was delayed. Like anyone else I began to panic because I had already spent on this party. All I needed was for a date when I would receive it so I could make arrangements. Literally 20 emails saying whenever it ships it will be fast, or that they did not know when they would ship it. Weeks passed and I lost my deposit. I would cancel my order but I already purchased so much materials for the Glowforge, that would be loosing more. It may sound like I’m complaining over 6 days but honestly it’s the lack of customer service that irks me. You can’t contact anyone via phone, and it takes days just to receive an email response. I was informed over chat that if I spent more money on the pro I would have gotten it faster, that doesn’t seem ok to me!

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There are different supplies of the different models, that is why the pro might ship faster than the basic or plus.

Always pays to stay nimble in your plans and expectations. Here on Earth that’s why we put that little piece of rubber on the end of a pencil.

We all understand that perspective!

The issue there is the manufacturing line tools for a certain model and run a bunch of those. The reply would indicate they were currently producing pro units.

Anyway, welcome to the community! Sorry for your disappointment.


Thank you. It sounds like I am having a better day, so I hope yours improves.

I suspect that the reason you would have gotten a Pro faster is because they were available. It’s not because you’re paying more for it.

As for the party, that sucks. I generally suggest that people don’t take orders or count on anything until they have their laser (or other large equipment) and are using it. You never know what might happen. Sometimes they get lost or broken in transit, for example. I’ve had a few things not ship when expected recently so I’m also jaded. But here you are and I totally understand why you’re upset.

Hopefully your machine arrives quickly (and safely). That said, if you do change your mind, your materials will work with any laser. You aren’t locked in if you aren’t feeling good about things. Just something to consider.

Wish you well… I’m sure you’ll have a blast lasering once you’re up and running!


I’m sorry to hear about your delayed shipment. It’s not uncommon to see similar stories here, but they do show up eventually. Nobody is ripping you off.

I will echo Jules’ comment. My experience being on the other end of customer service in a few places is that as soon as a customer threatens or even mentions legal action, I would lose the ability to help them and any further communication would have to go through the lawyers. You really don’t want that yet – your order is just a few days late. Save the lawyers for when you need them.


@mcclainimari I just sent you an email with an update on your shipment. I’m so sorry for the delay! It’s scheduled to go out today and I will follow up with a tracking number via email before the end of the day.


(Seeing Andy99’s message, I see that it’s being resolved).

I also understand your disappointment. I waited over 2 years for my Basic, and another year (that is 3 years total) for my Air Filter.

I hope you get it soon. I was very frustrated but it was worth it in the end, for me.

Best of luck to you!

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