Feeling defeated

Im feeling a little defeated. I have had my glowforge less than a month and not it is stuck on the “lid open” error. I have done all the suggested things… restart, take the crumb tray out, checked the connections, but nothing seems to help. I have reached out to glowforge and havent gotten a response. I am worried that I may need a different machine, but the import fees to Canada were expensive and I have already sunk a lot of money into this… I looked at ordering a new black cable as suggested, and although the cord is 19 USD, the shipping is an additional $100 usd. This is getting really expensive really fast and I am pretty sad that my machine has stopped working after only a handful of prints. Any advice? Why should I keep my glowforge and not move to something else?

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Sunk cost. I only say that because my machine has delivered almost 5 years of service, although I did have to recently replace that cable. Do you still have any warranty?

The general advice is not to open the lid all the way to reduce the flexing of the cable. I restrict it to about 2/3 of the way.

Sorry it’s not under better circumstances, but welcome to the community anyway.


I don’t know if the warranty covers international shipping costs, but it might end up being $0 to you. If they do suggest changing the lid cable (which seems probable) and want $100 for shipping, I would suggest posting here or on one of the bigger Glowforge Facebook groups and ask if anyone has one they’d be willing to ship you. You might find someone else in Canada that has already purchased a spare, or someone in the US that can ship it to you for a few dollars by postal service. The reason it costs so much on the Glowforge site is that their fulfillment partner only uses UPS and FedEx ground services (and often in unnecessarily large boxes) which cost much more than the US postal service to send something small into Canada.


If you have been trying for a month to get in touch with support with no luck, that is pretty awful.

Assuming that you can actually get a response I am fairly sure they will be able to get this fixed since your machine is brand new and has never worked. There are a lot of things the company could do better but I have yet to see anyone with a DOA machine who didn’t get taken care of.


Thank you! These are great suggestions! I really hope that that they cover the shipping (which was $500 to Canada), but the customs import fees were an additional $300 which is what I am worried about.

Thanks for the feedback! I have been careful to never open the lid all the way… the error actually came up in the middle of a print which is kind of weird because nothing was moved. Hopefully the new cable is the fix and I get 5 years out of it like you!

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You shouldn’t get charged an additional customs import fee because you’re getting a warranty fix. You’ll want to make sure the import broker knows that it’s a repair to a previously imported (& duty paid) machine.


Ive had cable replaced no custom fees just high postal fees. This did not fix my problem and they replaced the whole unit. Im also in canada


Sorry to hear that, I know the feeling. I got mine in January, it was defective. However, I’m luckier than you as I’m in the US and can get a replacement with no cost (only my pride because they are giving me a used machine for the price of a new … anyhow, moving on).

On the practical side, in the event that you want to move out of Glowforge, you only have before day 30 to do it and no more than 50 prints. I asked on week 6 for a refund and they say nope. So, not saying you should move to something else, but in case you want, you have limited time. or you will be stuck with the cutter, you like it or not.

Good luck!

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At any point in time, you can decide to sell it to someone else. These machines hold resale value very well. Occasionally they even sell for more than sticker price on eBay for some reason.


Yeah, I’m posting mine. But it is a GF Pro, other machines I’ve seen are at a lower price point, so, mine looks pretty expensive for somebody that knows nothing about it.

On March 6th, an 11 month old Glowforge Pro on eBay ended bidding at $5705.


I hope I’m that lucky it will be a small loss only.

Thanks for sharing, btw.

First you should pay the money for the new cable ribbon. Second you should open the drawer and place one magnet on each side to rule that out.

You should also put some weight on top of the lid to clarify if that is the issue.

worst case : You end up with and extra cable ribbon , which you will need down the road some ways.

I tired the magnets and put weight on the lid with no success. I am a little frustrated I still havent heard from Glowforge support since my machine is so new.

I am so sorry, Glowforge used to have good support system and the forum mods were pretty quick to respond and take action. Its evident that the new system in place just sucks , UGH I feel you pain and I am sorry., More and more people are starting to Posts video on you Youtube with the Misery and I suggest you do the same .

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people are idiots… esp on eBay when a bidding war starts.

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