Feeling like an idiot over alignment issue

Hey everyone,
I’ve had my glowforge for a few months now and I’ve gained so much knowledge from the community. So thank you for that and now it’s my turn to give back to the group. I recently was prompted to clean my fans… that’s a whole different post. But once I was done putting everything back together, I was having some major alignment issues and the camera alignment didn’t help much. After walking away for a while and coming back to it, it hit me that only my x-axis was off and I should just gently push both sides to the top (previously I was pushing from the middle) and that was the problem, there wasn’t enough tension to prevent the rollers from working, but the distance was far enough off that it made a huge difference (kind of like a sled on a table saw for all my woodworking friends). Like I said in the title, I feel like an idiot… but if I can save one other forger from missing out on the laser fun like I did while troubleshooting, I hope this helps.

Cheers! Jake